Investigators Unearthed Hidden J6 Phone Call Made By Trump On Official WH Phone That “Raises The Prospect Of Tampering” By The Ex-President And His Officials, According To Report

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The mountain of trouble piling up on ex-President Donald Trump just keeps getting bigger and bigger, as a bombshell report from The Guardian revealed that the “Donald Trump used an official White House phone to place at least one call during the Capitol attack on January 6 last year that should have been reflected in the internal presidential call log from that day but was not, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”

As I’m sure you’re all aware, additional reporting this week has already exposed a conveniently mysterious 7+ hour gap in Trump White House phone logs that were recently turned over to the January 6th House Select Committee by the National Archives, in connection to the panel’s mounting investigation into the infamous Capitol insurrection and, more specifically, Donald Trump’s role in inciting it and refusal to diffuse it. To add to the overall “convenience,” it seems the block of record-keeping that mysteriously went black on January 6th just so happened to be the same block of time where the most violence took place at the US Capitol.

The specific call that The Guardian focuses on in their new report was made by Trump from an official White House phone to Utah Senator Mike Lee. And while that phone call has already previously been reported on, despite the lack of records on Trump’s White House call logs, the new report sheds a deeper light on the veil of concerning secrecy surrounding it.

The report explains the “origin of the call as coming from an official White House phone, which has not been previously reported, raises the prospect of tampering or deletion [in the official call records] by Trump White House officials.”

That mysterious 7-hour block where White House phone logs mysteriously went black led investigators to quickly wonder if that meant Trump was utilizing burner phones to complete calls and texts with his inner circle during the most serious portion of the Capitol attack, in an effort to keep his communications under wraps and unable to be monitored or tracked. Trump was quick to vehemently deny this theory and even go so far as to claim that he doesn’t even know what a burner phone is — a claim one of his former officials almost immediately called bullshit on.

It’s already been made painfully clear that Donald Trump repeatedly flouted the federal Presidential Records Act law throughout his administration — from ripping up documents that had to be taped back together by his aides, to ordering things into alleged “burn bags,” flushing wads of documents down the toilet, and packing multiple boxes of official, and some even top-secret, White House documents with him to his Mar-a-Lago home/resort upon the end of his term in office. This missing call to Senator Lee from an official White House phone only serves as yet another blatant violation of the law.

According to reporting, Trump’s call to Lee was actually made it error, as the then-President was actually trying to reach then-newly elected Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. However, Tuberville allegedly informed Donald Trump that his then-Vice President Mike Pence had been escorted from Senate chambers.

The Guardian reports that this conversation took place around 2:26 p.m. — which would mean that, according to the timeline, it was nearly two hours before Trump’s infamous video message, in which he finally half-ass called on his supporters to stand down at the Capitol building, but not before thoroughly heaping his praises on the Capitol attackers and literally telling them that he loves them.

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