Investor Close To Trump Administration Reportedly Told MSNBC Host That “Steroids And Ego” Were Behind Trump Pulling Out Of Stimulus Talks 1 Message #general

We knew it.

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To be quite frank, we’ve just been waiting for the shoe to drop after Donald Trump, who’s already ripe with anger management issues and a lack of hugs as a small child, was pumped full of strong steroids in combination with various other experimental drugs as part of his treatment for a case of COVID-19 that’s evidently a whole lot worse than what they’re letting on.

Before we get too far into things this evening, take a quick skim over the side effects that can be expected with dexamethasone, the steroid given to the guy who already acts like he’s on steroids on a normal day:

  • Aggression
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Mental Depression
  • Mood Changes
  • Nervousness
  • Trouble Thinking, Speaking, or Walking

And that’s just the tip of the side effect iceberg, folks.

So, to say the least, we’ve been a bit on guard, waiting for Donnie to lose what little was left of his mind as a result of a potentially deadly virus that he could have largely avoided was he just not a blazing idiot.

Now, unfortunately, there’s simply no way to know what will be the “worst” of it. However, Trump’s announcement this afternoon regarding a stimulus package for struggling Americans was a pretty shitty place to start.

According to Donald, he’s put a big, fat pause on any further stimulus talks or negotiations until after the election, which he’s, of course, convinced he will win, because allegedly Nancy Pelosi refuses to “negotiate in good faith.”

However, according to MSNBC host Stephanie Rhule, who allegedly spoke with a major investor close to the Trump administration, Donald’s announcement had a lot less to do with the House Speaker and a lot more to do with an already over-inflated ego that’s now jacked up on steroids.

Ruhle writes on Twitter, “I asked a major investor/close to the administration why @realDonaldTrump would pull out of stimulus talks… Answer: Steroids & Ego. – Chairman Powell urging Congress to act – Sec Mnuchin agreeing to Speaker Pelosi’s terms He cannot ‘allow himself to feel smaller than them’.”

Honestly, I’m not even surprised. We knew that steroids to that ego would be like a gremlin to water. But as bad as this is, my biggest fear is that the worst is yet to come. Because, with the Trump administration, it can ALWAYS get worse.

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