It Appears None Of Barron Trump’s Immediate Family Wished Him A Happy 17th Birthday On Social Media

This is honestly kind of sad.

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Earlier this week, youngest Trump spawn, Barron, celebrated his birthday. On March 20th, young Barron Trump turned 17-year-old. But it seems none of his family really celebrated with him — at least, not on their public social media accounts.

Barron is the only Trump child left that has remained largely out of the spotlight as his scandal-ridden father’s legal peril grows with each passing day. It has long been reported that his mother, Donald Trump’s third wife Melania, was responsible for making sure that her only son didn’t get sucked into his father’s dramatic public lifestyle. While it was very rare to see the now-former first lady get truly fired up about much of anything, her son was very clearly always her sore spot and any sort of gossipy reporting on him would quickly activate the former model’s “Mama Bear Mode.”

While it’s not unusual to spot Barron at one of his father’s events at their Mar-a-Lago resort, he is certainly a stark contrast to his half brothers and sisters, who seem to love living their lives on their daddy’s coattails. Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and even Tiffany Trump apparently love soaking up the nepotism in the public’s eye and they certainly let it be known on their social media accounts.

But, when it came to the youngest Trump son’s 17th birthday, there wasn’t much more than crickets across the Trump family when it came to any possible public comments or posts to mark the occasion.

As we mentioned, Barron’s birthday was on Monday of this week, but when we poured through the various social media accounts of the Trump family, we didn’t find even one single public post to mark the youngest Trump child’s 17th trip around the sun, on his journey to adulthood.

The Trump family has a pretty good history of at least acknowledging Barron’s birthday on their social media accounts:


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A post shared by Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump)

But we scrolled and scrolled, all the way back to Monday of this week, and we couldn’t find one single post marking the occasion this year — not even from Barron’s own mother, who hasn’t posted anything on her Twitter account since her March 8th tweet marking International Women’s Day.

Barron’s father, on the other hand, was super active on his Truth Social platform, but not in honor of his youngest son. Instead, Donald Trump was airing out his own pathetic grievances as though it were just any other day. His older sons, Don Jr. and Eric were making similar posts on their accounts — raging against everyone from Michael Cohen to Jack Smith and everyone they could think of in between — while Ivanka had recently posted some glamour shots of herself to Instagram.

Of course, we have no way of knowing whether Barron was simply celebrated in private this year, perhaps a get-together at Mar-a-Lago to mark his 17th birthday, especially as the scandal and legal peril around his ex-presidential father grow out of control.

But frankly, it just seems a bit sad that not a single person in the high-profile family would even think to make him a measly happy birthday post.

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