Ivanka Delivered Remarks At State Department Event And Americans Are Not Happy: “Thanks For Appeasing Trump And Letting Somebody With Absolutely Zero Business Being In Government Speak”

The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

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Brace yourselves, folks. Ivanka Trump is trying to government again — and this time, with a twist of irony so sickening you’ll likely lose some sleep tonight.

Daddy’s little princess has been riding her father’s coattails to the top since the very day Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States.

Being Donald’s favorite and all, while overtly disgusting, it came as no real surprise that Ivanka was catapulted to an official government position in her father’s administration within days of him taking up residency in the White House.

Since that fateful day, Donald’s Trump’s eldest daughter has jet-setted around the world and injected herself into numerous different official government events and happenings despite her resounding lack of skills or authority, short of faking a Gucci stitch.

And it seems as though she makes so exceptions to her newfound position, even if that means she’s being the biggest hypocrite to ever walk God’s green earth.

Recently, the State Department released its newest report of the United States’ effort to combat human trafficking. And wouldn’t you know, none other than daddy’s spoiled little waste of a good trust fund herself was front and center at the news conference to deliver remarks on the report.

Ivanka’s horrible attempt at being someone important is bad enough in itself, but it gets even worse still, considering Princess Nepotism hails from a family who’s been neck-deep in their own version of human trafficking, when the Trump family ran Trump Modelling, a “business” that all but trafficked young women in from Europe, who suffered God only knows what sort of abuse.

To say the very least, folks were not impressed:

You REALLY should’ve sat this one out, sweetie.

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