Watch As Don Jr. Asks His Father “Which Is Your Favorite Trump Child And Why Is It Ivanka?”

Oof. Someone has some daddy issues.

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Evidently, in the midst of a global pandemic and civil rights unrest from coast to coast and all around the world as a result of a sickening lack of action on both situations, Donald Trump is getting pretty desperate for a “news” outlet that is still willing to cover him in a flattering light.

Let’s face it, folks. Even Fox News is no real friend of Donnie’s anymore.

Now it seems that Donald’s despair has led him straight to the bottom of the totem pole — his son, Donald Trump Jr.’s, video podcast, Triggered.

The whole dynamic of the thing is weird enough in and of itself. In the entire history of presidents, I can’t recall a single time in which the leader of this nation was so desperate for some positive attention that they stooped to appearing on something like their son’s half-baked podcast project.

But here we are, folks.

However, being that this is the Trump family we’re talking about here, things got a little weirder still when Junior took the opportunity during the interview with his father to crack a tasteless joke that likely had a lot deeper roots to it than either of the Trump “men” are willing to admit.

The first question Don posed to his father, which I’m sure he meant to be light and humorous, was actually a real humdinger that rang with so much truth our ears are still vibrating:

“Which is your favorite Trump child and why is it Ivanka?”

The Daily Beast reported on the painfully awkward question between the father and son duo, writing, “It was meant to be a joke but it landed like a fact because it is a fact. Senior said something about how he loved all his kids the same but it was clear that Trump likes Ivanka more because Ivanka wouldn’t be debasing herself by doing something this pathetic.”

“After that, things got weirder, and nastier,” The Beast continued. “Junior told his father that Osama Bin Laden had wanted to assassinate Barack Obama because ‘it would put Joe Biden in charge.’ Even Senior sounded dubious about this idea and you got the idea that the father considers the son to be kind of a lightweight.”

“For all the craziness and propaganda, there was a pathos to the whole thing. Like Junior just wanted his dad to hug him, or to tell him everything was going to be OK. But as coronavirus rages, and the country continues to be torn apart by social unrest and injustice, we all know, even Senior knows, that none of this is going to be OK.”

Look, I’m not here to pick apart the psychology of the Trump family. Nobody has time for that dumpster fire and it’s not worth the mental toll all that nonsense would take on my own psyche if I did.

However, it’s pretty clear to me that Junior’s little “joke” had quite a serious undertone of “Daddy, why don’t you love me?”

You can watch the podcast here:

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