Jeff Sessions Had To Be Escorted Out From Northwestern University After Protesters Tried To Stop His Speech

He did not see this coming.

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Trump’s former attorney general Jeff Sessions spoke at Northwestern University in Illinois but had to be escorted out later, after protesters besieged the area. Sessions learned the hard way that loyalty with this “president” is a one-way street. Donald Trump fired Sessions even though he was the first in the Senate to endorse his candidacy. The cruel legacy Sessions leaves behind won’t be forgotten, though. The former attorney general’s zero-tolerance policy at the border allowed children to be ripped from their parents’ arms.

Protesters even attempted to enter the building from a rear entrance — until a group of police officers intervened, according to Fox News and Axios.


Sessions’ speech that was titled “The Real Meaning of the Trump Agenda,” was sponsored by Northwestern’s College Republicans. Sessions denounced the protesters, saying, “I’m just gonna tell you. This is stupid. This is not right.” He added, “This great university … should not be putting up this kind of trash.”

Protesters chanted, “Fuck Jeff Sessions!”

The police intervened.

Then, Sessions was escorted out of the venue.

The racist Keebler Elf needs to familiarize himself with the First Amendment. The alleged humans in the Trump administration have been shunned since the onset of his awful “presidency.” And the best shunning happened last night when a blue wave shook Trump’s world to its core.

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