Josh Duggar Is Seeking A New Trial On His Disturbing Crimes Because The Judge Didn’t Let Him Blame Someone Else For The “Depraved” Downloads On His Device

Makes me sick to my stomach.

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Disgraced former TLC reality TV “star” Josh Duggar has now called for a new trial in relation to his charges of child pornography, claiming that the judge on his case essentially did not allow him to blame his heinous, disgusting crime on someone else, according to new reporting.

Law & Crime reported that the former member of the controversial TLC reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting — centered on far-Right religious patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, his wife Michelle, and their ridiculously enormous brood of children as they practice highly controversial and extreme religious tactics — was prohibited from telling the jury of his peers about an “alternative perpetrator” in his child pornography crimes. Josh, the eldest of the Duggar child brood, was disallowed to float the theory because the judge on his case found his claims to be highly unlikely, and lacking any real plausibility. Nonetheless, Duggar’s attorney has officially started the appeal process, filing court documents that seek a new trial for his client, following the December 2021 trial where Josh was found guilty of his crimes and convicted on charges of downloading and possessing child sexual abuse material.

The eldest Duggar child was sentenced to more than 12 years and is currently serving his time in a low-security prison in Seagoville, Texas. Duggar’s sentence came after prosecutors called for a severe sentence against the former reality TV star, due to how “depraved” the material was that was discovered on Duggar’s work computer. According to reporting, law enforcement agents discovered images and videos that depicted heinous sexual abuse against children as young as toddlers, all hidden beneath multiple layers of high-level encryption on Josh’s work computer, at the used car lot where he was employed.

Prosecutors say that more than 600 pieces of illicit, heinous, and illegal materials were discovered on Duggar’s device, though Josh’s legal team has vehemently attempted to dispute this number.

During his trial last year, Duggar had reportedly planned to pin a former employee of the used car lot where he worked as an alternative suspect for the heinous crimes. U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks who tried Duggar’s case shot down this attempted defense, stating that Duggar’s claim wasn’t even plausible, as the employee Josh was attempting to point the finger at was only employed with the car lot for a mere 3 days, and the man’s employment at the business ended 3 days before the sex abuse downloads began.

Duggar has been embroiled in numerous sex-related scandals over the course of many years now, ranging from sexual abuse against his minor sisters to an Ashley Madison cheating scandal.

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