Just When You Thought Bill Barr Couldn’t Get Anymore Two-Faced, He Publicly Declared On Fox That He’s “Pretty Disgusted” With The Performance Of The Biden Administration; We’re Pretty Disgusted With Him

Dude, go crawl back in your hole.

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In case you hadn’t gotten the memo: Former Attorney General Bill Barr is still absolute trash.

The former head of the United States Justice Department has spent the past several weeks desperately trying to rehab his reputation as he peddles his new Trump-trashing tell-all book, One Damn Thing After Another, despite spending just short of Donald’s entire four-year term pandering to the conman and essentially turning the Department of Justice on its head in an effort to protect Donald Trump, bend to his whims, and punish his perceived enemies, before he finally resigned in protest over Donald’s behavior surrounding the January 6th Capitol attack — as if the rest of his presidency wasn’t every bit as bad.

And now, as the entire country moves on from Trump and his four years of torture on this nation, ole Barr is trying to do a bit of a turnabout and suddenly act as though he really couldn’t stand Trump the whole entire time. But to be quite frank, the ex-AG;’s sudden little “change of heart” is complete and utter bullshit, and not only does everyone know it, he’s doing a damn good job of proving as much himself.

Not long ago, we reminded our readers that Barr is downright irredeemable when he admitted that, even as much as he supposedly hates the ex-president these days, he’d still vote for Donald Trump should he wind up snagging the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

And now he’s just making matters worse for himself still as he recently appeared on Fox News, of all places, to do a little Biden bashing.

Speaking on the ultra Right-wing network, where he was questioned about Vice President Kamala Harris’ performance on the US border that she was charged with when President Biden took office, the disgraced former US Attorney General said, “I’m pretty disgusted with the whole administration and when she comes back from Central America and says she’s investigating the ‘root causes’ of immigration, that means they’re not going to do anything.”

Look, while it’s obviously for completely different reasons, we’re not actually thrilled with everything the Vice President has done either. Does Mr. Redacted Mueller Report have any room to speak on it? Absolutely not.

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