Kellyanne Conway Appeared “Stumped” After Reporter Asked Her About Trump’s Threats To Commit War Crimes

None of them can even come up with excuses for him anymore.

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It’s become strikingly clear over the last three years that Donald Trump certainly doesn’t make a habit of keeping us American citizens, members of Congress, or members of his administration informed or up to date on his multitude of decisions and schemes. Quite frankly, I’m pretty much of the belief that even Donald Trump himself isn’t up to date on these stunts until the split second he ends up making them. And God knows the man is the furthest thing from informed.

It’s pretty much become of a tradition of Trump’s, almost a trademark if you will, to decide to do some absolutely insane shit at the drop of a hat without any legitimate deliberation or even really informing much of anyone — or at least, anyone that actually matters.

He made a fine example of this with his recent airstrike near a Baghdad airport that resulted in the assassination of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

As it turned out, the only people who got a heads-up on the plan were people that absolutely did not matter in any way, shape, form, or fashion — such as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and the patrons of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

While I’m sure members of Donald’s administration have gotten used to these stunts pulled by their dear leader, it still leaves them struggling to offer up even a semblance of an excuse when confronted over his ridiculous antics — Trump’s reasons are bullshit enough on his own, but it makes it even more difficult to come up with a response when they weren’t brought in to the loop to begin with.

Most recently, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway found herself on the awkward end of an interaction with a reporter when White House correspondent for The Independent, Andrew Feinberg, confronted the MAGA jockey regarding Trump’s now-repeated threats to commit a war crime against Iran — questioning whether the counselor understood that the president’s actions would be illegal if he does end up carrying them out.

Conway did what she does best at first and attempted to deflect from the question by parroting off Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s bullshit claim that Donald never threatened Iranian cultural sites. But Feinberg didn’t seem to have any intentions of letting Kellyanne get away with her crap answer this time, reminding her that Trump, in fact, doubled down on the war crime threat on Air Force One Sunday night.

He then went on to draw a connection between Trump’s repeated threats of war crimes with his habit of personally intervening to pardon military personnel who are guilty of committing them.

“When I pointed out that Trump pardoned soldiers accused of and convicted of war crimes and asked her if he thought war crimes were a thing, she said, ‘I don’t know how to answer that,'” the White House correspondent wrote in a tweet.

In case you couldn’t tell, “I don’t know how to answer that” translates in Trump world to, “Daddy Donnie didn’t tell me what to say to you and I can’t seem to come up with even a shred of a legitimate excuse to give you right now.”

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