Defense Secretary’s Chief Of Staff Leaving After Apparent Tensions With Iran

They're beginning to drop off like flies now.

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It seems that Donald Trump’s desperation to create a scandal that was somehow bigger than his own impeachment has resulted in yet another member of his administration flying the coop faster than you can say, “BUT THE CLINTONS!”

Of course, who can really blame them, considering Trump had to push our country to the very brink of a world war (that we certainly have not yet dodged the bullet on) to come up with something that would even begin to overshadow the scandal of his own impeachment.

I suppose you could say he’s succeeded in his distraction technique, at least for now. How can you really focus on Trump’s impeachment when we’re sitting around waiting, terrified, for the bomb to drop? Quite literally at this point.

But it seems that none of his “people” want to be around when the dust finally settles.

The most recent to say their goodbyes to the Trump administration amid Donald’s latest and perhaps most insane and dangerous stunt is Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s chief of staff Eric Chewning.

Per a new report from Politico, Chewning will be joining the ranks of many other high-profile civilians leaving the department, with plans to step down from his position by month’s end.

According to the Pentagon, Chewning, a former Army intelligence officer and combat veteran, will be replaced by top Republican staffer on the House Armed Services Committee, Jen Stewart, who formerly served as a top adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Chewning’s time at the Pentagon began back in 2017 and he was soon promoted to his position of chief-of-staff by the former Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan.

It’s quite clear that Trump soon won’t have any support left. People, no matter how “red” their blood may run, or how long they’ve held their government positions, just can’t get behind this round of Donald’s deplorable actions. No one wants this on their hands.

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