Kellyanne Conway Responded To Biden’s Call To Resign Or Be Dismissed From Military Academy Advisory Board And It Makes Us Think She Wants To Talk To The Manager

She seems a bit upset.

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The Biden administration has told 11 high-profile former officials of the Trump administration that they need to pack their shit and go. President Biden has made it clear that the Trump appointees need to resign from their positions on the military service academy advisory boards or be dismissed. Those on the list include former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, former senior counselor to the twice-impeached one-term president Kellyanne Conway, and former national security adviser H.R. McMaster. Sean Spicer didn’t take the news well. As we reported earlier, Sebastian Gorka acted like an adolescent when asked if he received a letter by Politico, calling the reporter a “CuckBoy.”

And now we have Kellyanne Conway, who whined on Twitter so hard that she intensified the Karening. If I’m fired (please don’t fire me, boss. I like my job), I’m going to leave quietly instead of taking it to Twitter to act like a whole entire bitch. But, that’s what Kellyanne did as she praised her former boss, then suggested that Biden, not her, should resign. It is, however, the president’s prerogative to pick and choose who he wants on presidential boards, but do go off, girl.

That went down on Twitter about as well as you’d expect.


Yes, Karen Conway called President Biden “petty” as if she has no memory of who she worked for just last year. Girl, Biden is your daddy now. He’s the president. Pack your shit, and go, please, and thank you. She hitched her wagon to an anchor that’s already lying on the bottom of the sea. Buh-bye!

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