Kentucky State Newspaper Published Scathing Op-Ed, Accused Mitch McConnell Of Violating His Oath

Even his home state has no problem calling him out.

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Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has been a garbage human being since long before Donald Trump took the presidency.

But just like many others like him, Trump’s position of power has given him the confidence and ability to display some of his very worst traits out in the open for all the public to see. The Senate Majority Leader has since become even more unflappable in his blatant non-support for everything from gun control to climate change action. And thanks to Donald, he doesn’t even have to pretend to feel bad about it anymore.

However, despite the fact that you didn’t really think it was possible at this point, McConnell has effectively gone from bad to even worse after Donald Trump was formally, officially impeached in the House — as evidenced by the sham of a trial Mitch just conducted.

Since Trump’s formal impeachment, McConnell has repeatedly, plainly, and publicly stated that he would be following the orders of Donald and his team of White House attorneys when it came to how he proceeded with the trial — basically letting everyone know ahead of time that it would, in fact, be rigged — and frankly, he’s made good on that promise throughout this whole circus of a Senate impeachment trial.

But while the majority of the country expected nothing less out of ol’ “Moscow” Mitch, one newspaper from McConnell’s own home state of Kentucky has absolutely no intention of letting their Senator get away with this mockery — at least not without very publicly calling him out on it.

In a downright blistering editorial in the Louisville Courier-Journal, penned by Boston College law professor and Kentucky native Kent Greenfield, the Senate Majority Leader found himself properly called out by Greenfield, who wrote that Mitch would be violating his oath if he does not do what is required by the very Constitution he took an oath to uphold.

“The framers wanted to make sure the Senate would never take such a trial lightly — this oath requirement is over and above the oath each senator has already taken to support the Constitution,” Greenfield wrote. “The Constitution does not set out the text of the trial oath, but the Senate rules do. Senators will ‘solemnly swear… that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.'”

Greenfield pointed out in his discourse that Mitch has already given several indications that he has no intention of being a fair or impartial juror in regard to Trump’s impeachment trial and has even gone so far as to publicly admit his coordination with Trump’s White House lawyers.

“Short of declaring war, the Senate is about to conduct its gravest and most serious constitutional obligation — to exercise the ‘sole power to try’ impeachments,” the Kentucky native ended. “All senators should take their obligation of faithful impartiality seriously, especially McConnell. History is watching, and it will be a harsh judge.”

It seems strikingly clear that even Mitch’s home state has no love left for him. I can only imagine even less so now that he’s done precisely what they called on him not to do.

He had better hope that whatever reasoning is behind his blind loyalty to Donald Trump is worth it. Because he won’t be seeing another term come election season.

You can read the full editorial here.

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