Kevin McCarthy Frantically Called Trump Demanding The Mob Leave The Capitol, Shouting Match Reportedly Ensued As Trump Refused

He needs to be removed from office.

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Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen on Thursday said the Department of Justice is committed to holding accountable those responsible for the “attack on our Government,” however, the instigator is temporarily residing in the White House. Donald Trump’s “Save America Rally” before the riots ensued included the president telling supporters to “stop the steal” of the election and urging them to head to the Capitol to demonstrate against Congress, certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

As Trump supporters unleashed death, mayhem, chaos, and destruction, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy got into a “screaming match” with the outgoing president, pleading with him to tell his supporters to back off. The Daily Mail reports that McCarthy — a staunch ally of the president’s — demanded that Trump release a statement denouncing the rioters. Initially, Trump refused. McCarthy also wanted the president to do more to control the situation other than sending out a tweet.

Even more remarkable is that McCarthy still voted against the election results to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

McCarthy knew of the danger at the Capitol and how Trump’s lies whipped his supporters into a frenzy, and yet, he was still willing to let this chaos continue. Five people died, including a police officer. Trump and his Republican enablers have blood all over their hands. And Americans can now add another national crisis to the other national crises we’ve been suffering through. It’s all about power with most Republicans.

Court case after court case was tossed out due to pro-Trump attorneys failing to provide evidence to back up their wild-eyed claims of widespread voter fraud. Trump supporters were fed lies, and they reacted by seizing a federal building while horrifying an already struggling nation. McCarthy knows there was no widespread voter fraud that took place, and yet, he went along with that to appease Trump, even after the president failed to call off his mob.

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