Watch As Lindsey Graham Gets Mobbed By Trump Supporters At Airport

Everyone hates him now.

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I wouldn’t say that South Caroline Senator Lindsey Graham was a well-liked guy even before now. But since the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol building, by disgruntled Trump supporters, as Congress was trying to count and confirm the Electoral College vote, ole Graham just can’t seem to find anywhere that he fits in anymore.

The Left has never had any love for the hypocritical, southern-friend disappointment and now it seems as though members of his own party are turning on him too. Because, you see, Graham proved with no uncertainty, once again, that he doesn’t have the spine God gave a jellyfish, and is actually nothing more than a sheep whose only concern is himself — something the MAGA crowd doesn’t take kindly to.

After the mess at the Capitol, Graham made a handful of public statements about the whole ordeal, and Donald Trump’s connection to it all, that left the Democrats wholly unimpressed and the Right furious — when he dumped his praises on Donald Trump, but refused to hold up Joe Biden’s certification.

Those of us over here on the Left side of the fence know that Graham is a lost cause, and we don’t often waste our breath on someone so underwhelming and idiotic. But when it comes to the people of his own party, well, they were quite upset.

In footage that’s now circulating on social media, it appears as though Graham was heckled by a substantial group of Trump supporters at Ronald Reagan airport in Washington, D.C. — who followed him around screaming “Traitor!” in the airport.

See the clip here:

Graham was surrounded by his protection crew and didn’t seem to do much responding to the uproar. But I can only imagine he’s headed home to drown his sorrows in a Mint Julep and some good ole down home racism.

Featured image via screen capture 

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