Kevin McCarthy Seemingly Made Nasty Joke About Hitting Nancy Pelosi With A Gavel When He Becomes Speaker During GOP Fundraising Event

He makes me sick.

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Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reminded us all just how heinous and disgusting he is during a recent GOP fundraising dinner in Nashville, Tn., where he cracked a nasty, distasteful joke about hitting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the head with a gavel should Republicans manage to take back the majority in the House in the upcoming 2022 election, which would allow McCarthy to take over as House Speaker.

McCarthy certainly hasn’t kept his desire to be Speaker of the House any kind of secret as he’s remained in political limbo since the GOP lost the House to Democrats in 2018 and former House Speaker Paul Ryan retired.

Tennessean reporter Yue Stella Yu captured a photo of the House Minority Leader during the Nashville GOP event, where he was gifted an oversized gavel by the southern state’s Republican congressional delegation that was inscribed with “Fire Pelosi.”

Washington Post journalist Michael Scherer reported that House Minority Leader McCarthy expressed his optimism over the GOP’s chances at taking back the House with a big win in 2020 during the Tennessee event. He went on to invite the audience to come to Washington, D.C. when he takes over as House Speaker because he wants supporters to witness the moment when Pelosi hands the gavel over to McCarthy, according to Scherer’s report on the matter.

“It will be hard not to hit her with it but I will bang it down,” McCarthy then stated to the crowd.

All of this has, of course, prompted Democrats to demand an apology from the House Minority Leader.

Frankly, McCarthy is disgusting enough all on his own for a comment like this to elicit very little surprise from us. However, one former Trump insider has an even more stomach-churning theory as to why McCarthy would say something so nasty.

Noel Casler, a former insider on Donald Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, theorizes:

Just when you think these people couldn’t possibly stoop any lower…

Featured image via Flickr – Bruce Detorres, under Creative Commons license 2.0/screen capture 

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