“Leave The Drama To Them”: The Teen Mom Of Lauren Boebert’s Grandson Spoke Out In The Aftermath Of Split From Congresswoman’s Son, Amid Boebert Family’s Neverending Scandal

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After highly controversial and scandal-plagued Colorado GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was spotted out and about with her infant grandson in tow several times over the last few months — including a rather disturbing incident where the child was brought into the courthouse as Lauren and her ex-husband Jayson screamed each other down during their divorce proceedings — the teen mother of her grandson has finally broken her silence on all the Boebert family drama in the aftermath of her breakup with Lauren’s teen son, the baby’s father.

17-year-old Naomi Rocha spoke exclusively with RawStory, and talked about the struggles and triumphs of raising her young son, Josiah Boebert, in the midst of his grandma’s political shitstorm.

Rocha said her little guy is “definitely starting to grow a lot and getting a lot smarter, which is scary” and that she’s “managing pretty good.”

“My son never leaves my side unless I’m at work or he’s with Tyler,” the teen mom told the publication, of course, with the exception of the “few times (Lauren Boebert) took him to D.C.”

Rocha went on to say that she was “shocked” to see her infant son at the U.S. Capitol, as she “didn’t know he was going to be on the House floor.”

The 17-year-old told RawStory that she “truly” doesn’t have any political leanings, before confirming to the outlet that she is no longer in a relationship with her son’s father, Lauren’s teen son, Tyler Boebert.

“We are not together,” Rocha said. “We were for a year and a half.”

While their romantic relationship is now a thing of the past — much like Lauren’s own relationship with her now ex-husband Jayson — Rocha did confirm that she is sharing parenting time and duties with Tyler.

“We do 50-50,” she said. “As of right now, no courts are involved.”

She confirmed that she and the baby are living with her parents after staying with the Boeberts for a stint with Tyler.

Rocha said that her parenting arrangement with Tyler has been impacted by Lauren’s recent decision to switch districts in the state of Colorado, as her mounting scandals began to catch up with her, leaving her trailing in the polls.

“Her switching districts means more distance. We meet halfway,” Rocha said.

When it came to the topic of her personal relationship with Lauren Boebert, Rocha said it’s, “pretty good.”

“There are a few ups and downs. Just mainly Lauren and Jayson’s drama.”

There’s certainly no denying that Lauren and Jayson’s drama has been plentiful over the last few months, as the pair have been involved in multiple domestic disputes, with Lauren recently obtaining a restraining order against her ex-husband following a physical altercation at a local restaurant.

This is in addition to Tyler himself calling 911 on his father due to an alleged physical assault and then, of course, Lauren’s own personal scandals — such as her lewd and inappropriate behavior in a crowded theater during a family-friendly play.

As for Rocha, she’s just pushing forward with her own responsibilities.

“I work. I do GED classes,” stating that she hopes to enter the medical field.

When asked how she copes with the seemingly never-ending drama coming out of her almost-in-laws’ family, Rocha said, “there are some times I do lose my cool,” but, “I try not to read everything in the media and leave the drama to them.”

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