Legal Experts Bury Trump In Mockery Over His Latest Court Battle With Twitter After His Attorneys Claim He’s Exempt From The Law “As The 45th President Of The United States”

This poor punkin'.

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Former President Donald Trump was deplatformed on social media after inciting the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection. He isn’t taking that very well even though he has continued to spread his dangerous big lie of widespread voter fraud that doesn’t exist on Twitter through his spokesperson Liz Harrington. Reuters legal correspondent Brad Heath tweeted out the twice-impeached one-term president’s legal arguments against the behemoth social media platform.

Heath said, ‘Trump’s lawyers told a federal court tonight that Twitter’s forum-selection agreement — which requires that he sue the company in California (not Florida, where he sued) — does not apply to him “as the 45th President of the United States.”‘

“Trump’s argument seems to be that his Twitter account was actually operated on behalf of the government, inasmuch as he made announcements about policy,” he explained. “And Twitter’s TOS don’t apply to government entities that cannot accept venue limitations.”


Trump’s argument is full of holes.

“But if the court accepts the argument that Trump’s Twitter account became a thing operated by and for the U.S. government, that would seem to open up the big question of why Trump, a private citizen, would have standing to sue over it,” he said. “The argument also doesn’t address why the other plaintiffs in the lawsuit, who weren’t president, should escape the terms of service because Trump was.”

Trump suggested that Twitter is addicting.

“Trump also argues that Twitter’s terms of service shouldn’t be binding because the product is addictive, leaving addicts little choice but to agree,” Heath wrote. “(The lawsuit is seeking to force Twitter to let him back on to the addictive website).”

University of Texas Law Professor Steve Vladeck doesn’t think Trump’s case will get anywhere.

It is kind of creepy.

Trump has never felt that rules should apply to him. A narcissist sees a boundary as a challenge.

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