Lindsey Graham Gets Buried In Ridicule After He Publicly Defends QAnon Congresswoman: “Get Your Ears Checked, Idiot.”

That was a bad idea.

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As bad as we’ve known that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is, the guy just keeps going out of his way to prove that he’s worse.

Over the past few weeks, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has come under fire for her various repeated comments and claims that line up with QAnon conspiracy theories and beliefs in the not-so-distant past — including but not limited to conspiracy theories surrounding a Democratic cabal of Satanic, baby-eating pedophiles, claims that the Rothschild family assisted former California Gov. Jerry Brown in building a space laser that burnt down forests, claims that members of the 2016 Clinton campaign making sacrifices to the pagan deity Moloch in the form of chickens, and multiple theories about multiple school shootings being “false flag” operations.

To say the very least, the woman is a nutcase.


Yet, Lindsey Graham just can’t seem to resist the urge to continually go to bat for the batshit crazy Congresswoman.

This week, Greene was officially expelled from her committee assignments due to all of the above and Graham unsurprisingly took to Twitter in a full-throttle defense of her.

“Congresswoman Greene expressed regret for her past statements, recommitted herself to being a more effective member of Congress, took steps that will allow the House to heal – only to be rejected by liberals with an unquenchable desire for reprisal and revenge,” the South Carolina Senator whined on Twitter.

As you’d expect, it didn’t take long at all for the rest of Twitter to pile on the GOP Congressman and remind him that Greene actually has not apologized for a thing, and only offered up a watery, passive excuse, saying she’s “allowed to believe” whatever conspiracy theory she wants, even if they’re not true.

We know how desperate you must be for a rear-end to shove your head up now that Trump is gone. But trust me, Graham, she ain’t it.

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