Ivanka’s Return To New York Might Not Go As Planned As Images Of “Not Wanted: Ivanka Trump” Signs Appear In The City

They don't want you, lady.

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Look, the real people of New York have long made it clear that the Trump family isn’t welcome on their turf any longer. After Satan’s Daddy Warbucks burnt the country down over the course of the past four years and stood idly by as his hometown suffered mass deaths from a needless pandemic, just because he’s got beef with their governor, it certainly makes sense that they’re just not willing to claim him anymore.

Now, Donald himself seemed to take the hint a while back now — well, less so took the hint and more so couldn’t take the blow of being unwanted and disrespected to his ego —when he changed his official place of residency from New York City to his Mar-A-Lago hangout down in Florida. However, it seems that his daughter Ivanka is still desperately clinging to her socialite lifestyle, with no indication so far that she’ll be leaving the glitz and glam of New York for her father’s white-collar retirement community anytime soon.

Recently, we reported that many of the high ranking figures in New Yorks’ circles don’t intend to be too accepting of the soon-to-be-former First Daughter and her Slenderman of a husband. But, according to some images floating around on social media, the Trump/Kushner family is going to be damn lucky if they’re accepted in their local 7/11.


According to the images making their way around Twitter, if you were to take a stroll through New York, you would likely run into a poster on some telephone pole or another featuring Ivanka’s face, with a huge “Not Wanted” caption in bold print at the top of the page. Underneath her photo, you would find bullet points meant to help you identify Ivanka from her fellow socialites. Take a look for yourself:

It seems that if Vanky wants to keep that beloved, posh lifestyle of hers, she’s going to have to do it with the geezers down in Doral. Because New York is gonna chew her up and spit her out like the trash she is.

Featured image via screen capture 

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