Lindsey Graham Says “I’m Not Gonna Apologize For Anything” After CBS Host Asks Him If He Should Apologize For Entertaining Trump’s Incorrect Claims

He will never change.

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Folks, it is over. No matter what anyone says or does, no matter how hurt their feelings are that their guy lost, Joseph R. Biden is now the 46th President of the United States of America. It has been a long, so very long, and hard road getting here. This nation has been through more pain, suffering, and heartache than we ever thought possible and I’ll be the first to admit that, on more than one occasion, I have wondered if we would ever make it through to the other side. But despite everyone who tried to drag us down and pull us back into the dark ages that Donald Trump and his administration had us under, we made it.

However, if you thought for a moment that the people who allowed Trump to get away with these atrocities, who held him up and perpetrated the unthinkable on his behalf, were anywhere close to seeing the error of their ways and begging for this country’s forgiveness as they should be — well, don’t hold your breath.

South Carolina Senator, in all his southern-fried racism and glory, made a perfect example out of himself this evening when he appeared on a segment with CBS News and where he once again begged for the unity that the Republican party has refused us for the past four years, now that his team is once again on the losing side.


“I wonder if you think Republicans like yourself need to apologize to the President for entertaining some of former President Trump’s claims… Do you need to issue an apology?” the CBS host questioned.

And Graham’s answer was just as sickening and repulsive as we’d expect.

“For what?” the Senator shot back.

The host doubled-down, reminding Graham of his attempts to pressure officials to sway the election back into Donald Trump’s favor despite the voice of the American people.

“Do y’all need to issue an apology for trying to destroy President Trump’s presidency from day one?” Graham sneered. “I’m not gonna apologize for anything… Starting this presidency with the idea that somebody needs to apologize probably doesn’t move us forward.”

As relieving as today has been, watching Biden finally assume office as Trump screws off to whatever retirement community will take him, it’s imperative that we all remember that our government is still full of hypocritical, anti-democracy trash such as this. We must never get complacent. Flush them all out.

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