Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s Wife Destroys Marjorie Taylor Greene After Greene Praises Trump On Social Media

Girl, you messed with the wrong one!

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Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to think that she can just go around messing with whoever she wants, whenever she wants — much like pretty much every other Republican in the world, they just seem to believe that rules and consequences don’t apply to them.

Greene recently found out the hard way that that’s not actually the case when she found her Twitter account temporarily suspended over spreading COVID-19 misinformation. But despite that fact, she unsurprisingly didn’t learn her lesson when it comes to running her mouth about nonsense she’s clearly un/misinformed on. And this time, it wasn’t Twitter that made her pay for it, it was someone even better.

The GOP’s biggest embarrassment got her ass handed to her on Twitter today by none other than Rachel Vindman.

Yes, that Rachel Vindman. The wife of Alexander Vindman, the retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and former Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council who bravely testified against then-President Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial regarding his attempted extortion of Ukraine.

Today, Greene showed her hind-end on Twitter for what feels like the millionth time when she seemingly insinuated that the country would be far better off with Donald Trump still in charge of things:

Vindman caught wind of the tweet and wasn’t about to let Greene get away with it:

Look, Marjorie, Twitter may not getcha every time. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the rest of us are out here ready and waiting to hand you your ass when you post something as ridiculous as this.

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