Majority Of Americans Have Reportedly Spoken Out About Donald Trump’s 2024 Run And He’s Not Going To Like The Answers


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We all know good and well how disgraced former President Donald Trump feels about polls in general — typically speaking he accepts the ones that make him look good and calls the rest of them “fake news.”

I’m here to tell you now that this particular recent poll will most certainly be labeled as “fake news” once he gets wind of it because the results are far from flattering for the former guy.

A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, shows that the majority of American people believed that it would be bad for this country if Donald Trump ran for President again in 2024 — which, of course, Trump has since officially announced to the world.

A staggering 60 percent of Americans questioned in the poll said that a bid for president launched by Donald Trump in 2024 would be harmful to the United States.

Trump, of course, teased a third stab at the White House pretty much since he lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. That announcement finally came right on the heels of the GOP’s humiliating performance in the midterm election.

Of those polled, 49 percent of respondents believed that Trump will make another presidential run in 2024, 39 percent felt that he won’t try a third time, and 12 percent of those polled didn’t have an opinion on it either way.

The Quinnipiac poll also asked Americans how likely they would be to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate and those results certainly aren’t going to make Donald any happier than the rest. Only 19 percent of poll respondents said that a Trump endorsement would make them more likely to vote for the candidate, while 41 percent said that Donald’s endorsement would make them less likely to vote for them. Thirty-seven percent said that Trump’s endorsement wouldn’t affect their vote one way or the other.

These numbers were a bit higher among Republicans polled.

But either way, elections have proven that Trump’s endorsement doesn’t actually bear as much weight as he likes to believe anyway.

Most recently, Trump’s candidate pick in Texas, Susan Wright, lost the Texas special runoff election to her Democratic opponent, Jake Ellzey.

Trump, of course, threw quite the hissy fit over this in one of his “official” statements, writing, “My endorsed candidate won in the Primary, but the other outstanding candidate won the General Election because virtually 100% of Democrats, approximately 17% of the total vote, supported the candidate I did not endorse.”

Donald did manage to secure a win when his endorsed candidate Mike Carey won a special election in Ohio.

Back in June, reports indicated that Trump’s team had been warning candidates not to fake endorsements from the former president after many had been campaigning in a way that made it look as though they were backed by Donald Trump.

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