Man Who’s Been “A Republican Since The Day I Could Vote,” Said He’s Quitting The GOP Because He Can’t “Stomach” Their Behavior

I guess he finally saw the light.

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A while back, Donald Trump released another one of his pathetic “blog” statements, in which he disparaged the Republican party for their lack of loyalty, and it’s kind of making me wonder if he’s seen this report.

According to a report from the Times Union, a Milton, New York town supervisor publicly announced his departure from the Republican party, saying he just cannot “stomach” their behavior any longer.

Benny Zlotnick described himself as “a Republican since the day I could vote.” But it seems the GOP in this day and age just isn’t something he can get behind anymore.

Wendy Libertore with the Times Union reported, “The town supervisor, who changed his party affiliation on Wednesday, said he can no longer abide by the town’s GOP leadership after it snubbed him for the upcoming November election and instead endorsed a controversial former town supervisor, Scott Ostrander. Zlotnick beat Ostrander to win the supervisor’s race in 2019 and plans to seek reelection.”

According to the report, Ostrander was faced with accusations in 2019 of wiping computers in the supervisor’s office before he left, claims that he denies. No charges were ultimately filed against Ostrander because Zlotnick was concerned that he didn’t have the evidence to prove Ostrander was the culprit — a decision Zlotnick now says he regrets.

However, it’s not just this particular instance that’s swayed the lifelong Republican away from his party.

“Zlotnick was also disappointed by how Republicans reacted when he put up a gay pride flag last year during Pride Month,” The report notes.

“Republicans posted (on social media) to tear it down,” Zlotnick stated. “I can’t be a member of a party that feels that way.”

Given all he’s experienced from the GOP, the town supervisor said: “he wouldn’t stomach it anymore.”

Welcome to the light, sir.

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