Marjorie Taylor Greene Barges In At Her Democratic Opponent’s Campaign Office Accompanied By Four White Men, Appears To Make A Fool Of Herself

This is a whole new level of ridiculous.

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Well, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary friends — Marjorie Taylor Greene is making an ass out of herself again.

The controversial Republican dimwit has been the center of quite a lot of media attention lately, as her primary midterm election rapidly approaches.

While CNN still feels that Greene is more than likely to secure another win and therefore yet another term on Capitol Hill, we’re not so confident in that assessment.

Constituents in Greene’s Georgia district have been turning on the ultra Right-wing congressional nutcase. We recently reported on one business in Greene’s area that has voiced its support for Marjorie’s Republican opponent, though they were unwilling to be named in CNN’s report on the topic, for fear of retaliation in the district. While another constituent of Greene’s was brave enough to call her out right to her face recently, letting her know plain and simple that he will be voting Democratic for the very first time in his entire life, and it’s all thanks to her.

Suffice it to say, we think there’s a good chance that many of Georgia’s GOP voters will soon turn on the controversial congresswoman at the polls, even if many of them aren’t voicing their opposition to Greene in public.

And to be frank, not only do we feel that way, it really seems like Marjorie herself knows it’s true.

Greene’s fear and nervousness seemed to be on full display in new video clips that are now making the rounds on social media, showing the GOP House Rep. pretty much barging into her Democratic opponent’s office just ahead of the election, essentially just being a petty brat.

A version of the clip was shared to Twitter by popular user, former federal prosecutor, and staunch Republican critic Ron Filipkowski.

The footage shows Marjorie “popping” into Marcus Flowers’ campaign office, accompanied by four White men for whatever God awful reason, and proceeding to try to taunt her Democratic challenger:

Not only was Flowers clearly unbothered by Marjorie’s rude invasion, he took to Twitter with his own footage of Greene’s intrusion to let everyone know on a public level that he will not be intimidated by her immature antics:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene just stopped by our campaign office. Rep. Greene kicked me out of her rally last year, but I didn’t make her leave our office,” Flowers explained on Twitter in his caption of the video clip. “I’d much rather voters in Georgia remove Rep. Greene from her office in November.”

If you ask me, this just serves as picture-perfect proof that Greene is nervous.

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