Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Pathetically Scabbing For Donations To Help Her Sue Nancy Pelosi Over 70k Worth Of Mask Fines

Begging isn't a good look, Marje.

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Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has racked up an astounding amount in fines for refusing to wear a protective mask on the House floor amid the raging pandemic. During a recent interview on Newsmax, Greene admitted that she was fined over $60,500 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and added that she is unvaccinated. Greene makes $174,000 per year in salary, and the fines bring that down to $113,500.

The Georgia Republican is trying to appear edgy by not wearing a simple protective face mask that’s easy to put on. Adhering to the guidelines amid the raging pandemic isn’t hard, but Republicans have been on COVID’s side ever since the coronavirus swept across the United States.

So, now Greene is fundraising off of her fines. We should send her some bootstraps. Greene doesn’t want to be held accountable for her poor decision-making, so she is seeking $70,000 to cover the fines and some spare change on top of that.

I mean, she could and stay here with me for a second to hear me out, just put a mask on, instead of begging for donations. Greene is the same woman that laughably claims that she has “been the most effective member of Congress this session,” even though she’s been stripped of her committee assignments for her past support of violence against Democrats.

She claimed on Thursday that “Joe Biden is a communist. And that’s what the Democrats are – they’re communists. A lot of people are swallowing down the word ‘socialist,’ but .. they are communists.”

The Jewish Space Lasers junior Congressman isn’t bright enough to know that Biden is a centrist Democrat who knows how to reach across the aisle. He is not a communist, and he’s certainly not a socialist, either—Republicans just like using ‘ist’ words for scare tactics. The fact is that Biden is in the center, but Republicans can’t see that because they’re so far over to the right that they’re about to fall off the edge. Just pay your fines, girl.

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