Mother, Who Once Penned Fawning Open Letter To Donald Trump, And Father Of Michigan School Tragedy Suspect Have Reportedly Had Prior Run-Ins With The Law

Why am I not surprised?

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According to an interesting new report from the New York Post, the parents of the suspected Michigan high school shooter, who were officially charged today for their connection to the heinous crime, weren’t strangers to run-ins with the law, even prior to today’s bombshell development.

Online records from Duval County, Florida, reveal that James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of suspected Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley, have faced several instances of legal trouble throughout their lifetime. According to records, both James and Jennifer were charged with driving under the influence on Feb. 12, 2005. Ultimately, both of them pleaded not guilty to the charges and were fined $652 each. In addition to the DUI charge, the father James was also charged with driving on a suspended license as well as the absence of proper tags on the vehicle he was driving.

But the legal troubles don’t end there for the Crumbley couple.

As it turns out, Jennifer was charged with writing a fraudulent check in the amount of $150 back in 2003. Though that particular charge was eventually dismissed, Ethan’s mother allegedly went on to commit the same offense a second time, a mere year later and was ultimately fined $240 for the cold check.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the line for James either. Ethan’s father was reportedly embroiled in some legal troubles hailing from child support payments he failed to make to his ex-wife, with whom he shares a son, Eli, who is now 18-years-old.

James and Jennifer’s son, Ethan, is the suspected shooter involved in the recent, fatal tragedy at Oxford High School in Michigan. Ethan has since been charged as an adult with first-degree murder, terrorism, assault with the intent to murder, and 12 counts of possession of a firearm, after allegedly opening fire in his high school and ultimately fatally shooting four students and severely injuring 7 others.

Both of the parents were officially charged with involuntary manslaughter today, over their connection to their son’s crime and behaviors leading up to the shooting.

Recently, we reported that Ethan’s mother Jennifer very publicly supported now-former President Donald Trump, even going so far as to pen an open letter to the now-former president on her social media, praising and thanking Trump for her right to bear arms. Her husband shared the social media post with a caption appearing to express his own support.

You can read the full report from the New York Post here.

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