Marjorie Taylor Greene Said Highland Park Suspect Can’t Possibly Be A Trump Supporter Because He Once Liked A Social Media Post That Said Greene Should Be In Jail Over January 6th

Uhm... Okay?

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Just recently — on the heels of the catastrophic Independence Day mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, that claimed the lives of 7 people and injured dozens more — we reported on the recent revelation that, while the suspected shooter, 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, didn’t have very many social media posts that pertained to political figures, he did appear to be a supporter of Donald J. Trump.

According to reports and screenshots, Crimo was once spotted at a Trump rally wearing a “Where’s Waldo” costume, and also posted an image of himself draped in a Trump flag to social media.

And apparently, it’s really freaking Marjorie Taylor Greene out.

The Republican Party’s biggest embarrassment has already stuck her foot in it with regard to the Highland Park Fourth of July shooting when she took to her Twitter account to peddle insane theories about the shooting suspect and utilized a blatantly photoshopped image to make her “point.”

But, in true MTG fashion, instead of sitting down and shutting up after such a blunder, Greene is out here doubling down even harder.

Greene sat down for an interview with OAN and claimed that we Democrats always try to paint mass shooters as Conservative individuals. But she says there’s just no way that Crimo was one of them because he once liked a social media post that said she should be in jail for her actions surrounding January 6th.

“That’s the narrative over and over again,” Greene complained. “But they can’t do it with this guy because all of his likes and things he posted on his own social media prove that he was a leftist.”

“As a matter of fact, he liked a social media post saying that I should be in jail for Jan. 6!” the Georgia Republican went on to rant. “Bobby Crimo is not a Trump supporter. He’s not a Marjorie Taylor Greene fan, either. He is a radical leftist.”

Marje went on to add that the Highland Park suspect “liked our Vice President Kamala Harris.”

“He followed her,” she griped. “I don’t follow her! I bet you don’t follow her. He also liked the CDC. I don’t like the CDC’s page. I don’t follow the CDC! But many leftists do.”

“He was as mainstream Democrat as you can get. He was not a Trump supporter and not one of ours,” Greene fumed.

Girlfriend, you almost sound disappointed.

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