Matt Gaetz Reportedly Hires Congressional Counsel Who’s Facing Assault Charge, Questions The Notion Of Consent, And Jokes About Punching Women

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Controversial Florida Republican House Rep. Matt Gaetz has ignited a new round of well-deserved backlash after disturbing new reporting from The Daily Beast confirmed that the Right-wing congressman has hired a man who proudly described himself as a “raging misogynist,” has openly questioned and pushed back against the mere notion and concept of consent, and has made public jokes about domestic violence against women, even after going to work in Gaetz’s office — something he should be quite familiar with on a personal level, considering he’s facing an assault charge as we speak.

The Daily Beast broke reporting this week, confirming that Congressman Matt Gaetz has formally hired Andrew Kloster as congressional counsel, despite Kloster’s year-long and running history of deeply disturbing and offensive online remarks, as well as a class A misdemeanor charge he is facing in the state of Texas as we speak for assault resulting in bodily injury against a family member.

Kloster’s unsavoriness certainly isn’t a thing of the past, as the attorney and former Trump White House official posted a tweet just last month, reading, “You know what I need? I need a woman who looks like she got punched.”

That post has since been deleted, along with many others.

Kloster gained additional notoriety when he pushed back against a 2013 post on the Volokh Conspiracy blog, in which he invoked a libertarian argument against consent with regard to using consent as a legitimate basis for banning bestiality.

The attorney commented on the blog post and stated, “Consent is probably modern society’s most pernicious fetish.”

Andrew Kloster graduated from the New York University School of Law and served as a clerk with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals before going on to serve as associate director in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel and deputy general counsel in the Office of Personnel Management during the Trump Administration.

President Joe Biden made quick work of dumping Kloster from his position within the Administrative Conference of the United States as soon as he was inaugurated into office.

The disgraceful, scandal-ridden attorney has a long-running history of deleting tweets as soon as he’s confronted by a reporter over his remarks, and The Daily Beast noted that Kloster began deleting tweets almost instantly after the publication reached out to him for remarks regarding his disturbing posts.

The Beast archived a February 5th, 2023 tweet from Kloster that he ultimately deleted, reading, “I’m 100% women respecter precisely because I’m a raging misogynist. I’m so kind you’ll want to kill yourself and die, which is the goal.”

The newly-employed Gaetz attorney also has a long-running habit of making horrifying remarks regarding slavery, which he asserts was “voluntary.”

“(1) slaves did everything (2) white ppl didn’t free the slaves,” Kloster stated. “Conclusion: slavery was voluntary.”

Read the full report from The Daily Beast here.

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