The Details Of Don Jr.’s Drunk Arrest Records Went Public And The Irony Of It Was Far Too Hilarious For People To Ignore

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If there’s anything the Trump family is good at, it’s riding in on their shiny white stallion that’s actually a half-lame donkey in a unicorn suit with a boatload of what they think are “gotcha!” moments but are, in reality, nothing more than a bunch of shitty instances of hypocrisy and sanctimony.

Let’s take Hunter Biden here, just for one example.

Donald Trump’s eldest son and namesake, Don Jr., has made quite the habit of criticizing the Democratic frontrunner’s son for quite some time now — especially when it comes to Hunter’s alleged substance abuse.

Yet all of this is coming from the guy who managed to get his ass arrested for public intoxication in the very place that public intoxication is pretty much the norm.

Back in 2001 Jr., who was quite the partier back in his day, was arrested for a PI in New Orleans, Louisiana on the Sunday before Mardi Gras, at 6:15 AM local time by Officer Louis Labat of the New Orleans Police Department. Junior was 23 years old at the time of his arrest.

Now, we all knew that Junior had a bit of a drinking problem in his younger days, and the fact that he had been arrested in the past was relatively public knowledge. However, the details surrounding that arrest were not.

That is, until now.

Recently, the arrest records of Junior’s debacle were released to the public. And while it’s your pretty standard arrest record, for the most part, there’s one piece of delicious irony tucked inside those records that the internet just could not ignore.

Donald Trump Jr. was arrested on Hillary Street in New Orleans, folks.

If that’s not hilariously ironic, then I don’t know what is.

Lots of folks on the world wide web had their own take on the recently released record:

Oof. I gotta tell ya, Junior. The next time Hunter comes up… You should probably just sit this one out.

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