Melania Once Claimed Barron Was Off Limits, But Don Jr. Just Used His Half-Brother To Attack Biden

Melania is going to be FURIOUS!

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Donald Trump and his crew of sycophants, cabinet members, and spawns have been digging and grasping for ways to discredit former Vice President and Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden for quite some time now.

Literally, there was a whole impeachment thing over this last year after Trump literally tried to extort an entire foreign country into giving him dirt on the guy that they didn’t even have — with the help of a whole boatload of his people.

That’s how desperate this guy and his cronies are.

And frankly, they should be. Because, well, Biden’s winning.

Every public poll these days is showing Trump taking a pretty brutal loss to Barack Obama’s former Vice President. And as we’ve all come to expect, Donald just cannot take that.

So, even after getting impeached, he and closest confidants are still hard at it, trying to find something they can cling tight to, to make it look as though four more years of Donald Trump is somehow a better option than Joe Biden.

The thing is, there’s just not much there for them to work with.

Biden has some flaws, as does everyone, but overall, he’s a pretty damn good guy. And God knows he’s far better an option than the fellow that’s literally GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED. 

So, it seems they’re circling back around to what they know best — because at least bullying the guy isn’t illegal.

In an effort to make Biden seem, well, stupid… The Trump family has recently given the “Biden is cognitive mush” narrative yet another push on social media.

But this time, it looks like their desperation just went to a whole new level when Donald’s eldest son, Don Jr., dragged his younger brother Barron into it.

Retweeting an article from the right-wing Daily Caller, in which the article alleges that only 54 percent of Americans think that Biden is capable of debating Trump, Don added his own caption that I’m willing to bet his stepmother, Melania, will be none too happy about when she catches wind of it.

“In all fairness, Joe Biden is not capable of debating Barron Trump let alone Donald Trump,” Jr. captioned the article.

Now, you remember that little impeachment thing I just mentioned?

Well, when one of the witnesses in said impeachment hearings mentioned Barron Trump just long enough to use his name as an example of Trump’s deep-seated narcissism, Melania Trump lost her mind.

Donald’s third wife took to her Twitter account in a rare emotional outburst, attacking the impeachment witness for dragging her underage son into politics in any way, clearly stating that “children should be left out of it.”

Seriously. It was a big thing. And Melania has repeatedly made it clear that she doesn’t want her only son in his father’s political spotlight.

Yet, here’s stepson number one, using his underage brother as a pawn to crack a joke at the guy who’s whipping his daddy’s behind from coast to coast.

Don’t think for a second that Twitter didn’t take notice:

Will we be hearing about this on Melania’s Twitter account? Probably not, unless she finally goes rogue. But boy, I’d give my last dollar to be a fly on the wall in the White House tonight, folks.

Featured image via Flick/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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