Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence On Riots, Says There’s “No Reason For Violence,” Twitter Gave Her Hell: “Your Husband Just Told White People To Kill Black People If They Break A Window”

We're not here for her crap.

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The President of the United States has spent his morning essentially encouraging white people to physically harm black people for protesting police brutality in America.

I’m serious.

The entire nation is currently up in arms after yet another black man was murdered in the streets by a white police force.

Footage of George Floyd’s death has been circulating all over social media, showing an unarmed, cooperating, and handcuffed Floyd face down on the pavement, a white officer’s knee buried into the back of his neck, screaming, crying, and pleading with the officer, “I can’t breathe!” like so many innocent black men before him.

In the wake of Floyd’s murder, thousands of people have taken to the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota with protests and riots — something Donald Trump is only in agreement with if it’s white people protesting the fact that they can’t get a haircut.

In response to these riots, Trump took to his Twitter this morning with a post so bad that even the social media platform had to hide its contents from viewers for breaking their rule against inciting violence, as the president essentially threatened to have them all shot.

But nevertheless, Melania Trump still swooped right in with her trademark hypocrisy.

Finally breaking her silence on the whole ordeal, Trump’s third wife took to her own Twitter account this morning to chastise the rioters and offer up some cheap, useless condolences:

Social media users were quick to point out what her husband has been up to all morning:

No one gives a shit about your condolences, Melania. Innocent black people are being murdered in the streets. If it takes rioting to make it stop, then riot we will.

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