Leaked Audio Reveals Republican Senate Candidate Refusing To Call Out Trump’s Racism, Says It’s “Pointless”

America needs a hero, not another lackey.

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A Republican Senate candidate attempted to defend his refusal to call out President Donald Trump’s racism in leaked audio even though he has criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for a seemingly racist gaffe.

When Biden erroneously said that black people who support Trump aren’t real black people, Michigan Senate candidate John James spoke out on Twitter.

But when it comes to Trump’s very real racism, James is notably silent.

For instance, James has not uttered a single word of criticism in response to Trump referring to black protesters in Minneapolis as “thugs” and threatening to order the National Guard to shoot them dead.

And so, when asked by black leaders about his silence, he went full hypocrite by claiming that calling out Trump’s racism is useless.

“Donald Trump doesn’t need less black folks around him he needs more,” James said in audio obtained by Salon. “When I do talk about a prosperity agenda, that’s the goal, is achieving equity and equality for our people, not standing up on Twitter and condemning folks. We’ve had our minds twisted to believe that speaking out is tantamount to fixing things.”

Again, that didn’t stop him from condemning Biden over what most would consider much tamer rhetoric, which Biden has apologized for. Trump is outright calling black people thugs and threatening to have them killed.

If James wants to become a senator, he’ll have a hard time winning over black voters since he clearly refuses to call out racism being perpetrated against them. Now is the time for Republicans like James to speak out. Instead, he appears to be okay with staying quiet to make Trump happy.

And the last thing America needs is another spineless GOP senator.

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