Melania Trump Reportedly Told Her Friends That She Has “No Interest” In Ever Returning To The White House:”It’s Over”

Melania wants nothing to do with this.

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At this point, it is unfortunately all but certain that Donald Trump will successfully become the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. To be frank, Nikki Haley isn’t holding a candle to him and everyone knows it.

Trump, of course, can’t get back into the White House fast enough to satisfy himself — encouraged by not only his deep-seated desire to once again have access to virtually unchecked power over this country, but also to hopefully outrun the absolute mountain of criminal charges he’s currently got hanging over his head that threaten to send him to prison for the remainder of his natural born life, and then some.

However, it seems his wife of nearly 20 years and mother to his youngest son is not nearly as eager to make a comeback as first lady of the United States.

In fact, she has “no interest” in it at all, according to sources with knowledge on the matter.

With the election just around the corner and Donald’s GOP nomination essentially set in stone, it seems like a good time to remind voters that back in 2021, Melania Trump allegedly made it very clear to those in her inner circle that she never wants to go back to that White House life.

CNN reported at the time that a source who was close to Melania during her husband’s presidential term said, “Being the first lady again is not what she wants. For her, it was a chapter and it’s over.”

Frankly, we get the feeling that Melania Trump has no interest in much of anything pertaining to her husband these days. It’s rare to see Melania anywhere near Donald over the last few years. Even her mother’s recent funeral appeared to be wrought with tensions and Donald’s wife ultimately left the funeral in a separate car from her husband in an awkward moment that quickly went viral across social media.

Nevertheless, Donald is still shamelessly campaigning on his wife’s possible return to the White House with him, recently saying that Melania “wants to make America great again” and “will play a big role” in the future.

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