Melania Urges Americans To Wear A Mask Even Though Her Husband Says He Won’t Wear One

Yea, you don't really get to do that, lady.

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The Trump administration has been a hotspot of hypocrisy since the very moment Donald took office over three years ago. The president has frankly made a reputation out of cherry-picking the rules and regulations that he thinks should apply to his versus the rest of the United States — always and forever with his best interest and his alone in mind.

But Donald isn’t the only member of the circus act they call an administration that has a big issue with demanding things out of others that they don’t demand out of themselves or even their family.

Recently, during one of his daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings that have now become the bane of my existence, Trump announced that the CDC now added to their guidelines a recommendation that all Americans wear a facemask when in public to help reduce the spread of coronavirus as the virus continues to mount throughout the country.

However, Donald was quick to note that he will not be adhering to those guidelines himself.

“I won’t be doing it personally. It’s a recommendation,” Trump declared from the podium.

So when Donald’s own wife took to Twitter to push the CDC’s new guidelines and tell all Americans to wear a face mask while out in public, Twitter users were quick to jump on her blatant hypocrisy, considering her spouse is literally endangering the lives of millions because he “just doesn’t want to” cover his face with a mask.

“I ask that everyone take social distancing & wearing a mask/face covering seriously. #COVID19 is a virus that can spread to anyone,” Melania’s tweet read, captioning a link to the CDC guidelines. 

Unsurprisingly, users pounced:

Frankly, Mel, people are dying by the thousands. No one has time for your “recommendations” when your husband refuses to give states any PPE and won’t even follow the damn guidelines himself. Just #BeQuiet.

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