Trump Supporters Appeared To Put Ex-Obama Staffer’s Life In Danger By Wrongly Identifying Him As Whistleblower: “There Were People Threatening Real Physical Harm”

This is just too much.

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Donald Trump and his army of fire-breathing supporters, including his eldest son, had been calling for the Whistleblower’s name to be publicly released, thus putting that individual in harm’s way. R. David Edelman — a former staffer in the Obama White House — has been falsely identified as the Whistleblower by Trump’s bootlicking base, according to The Daily Beast. The actual Whistleblower gave details of Trump’s quid pro quo phone call with Ukraine’s president and that launched the impeachment inquiry by Democrats.

Trump’s base is pissed off that their “president” has found himself up to his eyeballs in yet another scandal that he created so they’re attacking the messenger. The only problem is, aside from all the others, is that Edelman is not the Whistleblower and he’s been getting death threats.

“There were people threatening real physical harm, alluding to the fact that I will not live very long,” Edelman said, according to the outlet. “That was obviously upsetting for my family.”


Trump supporters circulated tweets with photos of Edelman’s face surrounded by circles and arrows to falsely show that he is the Whistleblower. The photo that went viral shows Edelman looking “unhappy”‘ after Trump’s first White House visit, and somehow that was “proof” that he was their guy.

“It had my face circled, and it said something to the effect of, ‘Here is your alleged Ukraine whistleblower,’” Edelman said.

It’s impossible for Edelman to be the whistleblower since he left the White House in January 2017, but Google seems to be a foreign concept to Trump-supporting Internet sleuths. No one ever accused Trump supporters of being smart.

Edelman didn’t describe the death threats but he did say they were concerning for his family.

“Yes, there were lots of people saying mean and threatening things,” Edelman said. “Yes, it is the internet.”

Edelson is a self-described nerd, and he has not been in the White House for over two years. Geez.

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