Melania’s Old Friend Confirmed A Meeting With More Than A Dozen Former Trump Aides “To Try And Stop Him”

They're coming for you, Donnie.

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Things are rapidly falling apart for ex-President Donald Trump as the January 6th House Select Committee kicks up their investigation efforts into the infamous Capitol riot to an 11, and Trump’s own people become less and less devoted to him.

But things went from bad to worse for the former guy after his own wife’s former best friend and close Trump White House insider revealed that she was banding together with more than a dozen of her fellow former Trump aides to discuss how they can “formally do some things to try and stop him.”

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlin Collins reported on Twitter, “Hmm. Former press secretary Stephanie Grisham says on CNN that about a dozen former Trump aides are currently discussing how they can ‘formally do some things to try and stop him’ and plan to meet next week. She declines to say who, but says there are ‘about 15’ of them.”

The words came from Stephanie Grisham’s mouth herself during a segment on CNN:

Grisham admitted on the CNN segment that there have been Zoom meetings and conference calls among the band of Trump White House misfits to discuss the group’s plans moving forward and said that they all planned to meet up in person in the coming days.

This revelation came on the heels of recent reporting that Grisham has now officially become a part of the January 6th House Select Committee’s investigation and was set to appear before the committee to deliver her testimony.

I bet Trump’s really wishing his wife kept different company right about now.

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