Trump Should Be Terrified As Melania’s Old BFF, Who Had Inner-Circle Access To East And West Wing, Set To Appear Before Jan. 6th Committee

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For all the railing former President Donald Trump does against the January 6th House Select Committee and their “uselessness,” it seems he had better start taking them seriously while he still has a chance — as the committee of congress members is absolutely steamrolling their investigation into the infamous Capitol attack, as well as Donald Trump’s involvement in it, and it’s beginning to get really serious.

New reporting has revealed that longtime Trump family confidante — who briefly served as Donald Trump’s press secretary and was best friends with Melania Trump for many years — Stephanie Grisham is set to testify before the bipartisan House Select Committee that’s currently investigating the January 6th Capitol attack. To make matters that much worse for Trump, Grisham’s inner-circle status within the Trump family allowed her close access from the West Wing of the White House to the East.

CNN cites an anonymous source, reporting that Grisham and Maryland Democratic House Rep. Jamie Raskin “had in-depth phone call about her knowledge of events behind-the-scenes at the White House on January 6. The source told CNN that Grisham was ‘candid’ about events in the White House at the time, many of which Grisham was present for, including knowledge of conversations involving former President Donald Trump that day.”

Grisham herself, who deflected from the Trump family and her personal friend Melania during the final year or so of Donald’s presidency, publicly warned in 2021 that Trump would “foment more violence” if he were elected again and admitted that she’s “terrified” of him running for president again. Ultimately, she described her former best friend’s husband and ex-president as “erratic,” “delusional,” and a “narcissist.”

Grisham first started working for the now-ex-president back in 2015 as a press aide to his burgeoning presidential campaign. Upon Donald’s election to the presidency, Stephanie stayed on with him and moved into a position as a member of his transition team and later went on to become Deputy Press Secretary under Sean Spicer. Eventually, Grisham would work directly for First Lady Melania Trump, before a brief stint as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary following Sarah Sanders’ resignation. Her gig as Press Secretary didn’t last long and she returned to work for her friend Melania, as her Chief of Staff, after Donald Trump reportedly fired her from the press position.

Grisham was one of several to resign from her position within the Trump White House, following the Capitol insurrection and the then-President’s response to it. Shortly after her White House departure, Grisham would go on to publicly deflect from her friend and the Trump family as a whole, even penning a tell-all book titled, I’ll Take Your Questions Now. 

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