Michael Cohen Exposed The Bizarre, Ugly Truth About Donald Trump’s “Illegal” Digital Trading Cards, And It Was Much Worse Than We Thought

We knew it was weird, but...

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As we’re all well aware by now, scandal-ridden, washed-up ex-President Trump recently launched his painfully bizarre series of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — essentially digital trading cards featuring the former guy in a variety of hilarious and super awkward poses and outfits depicting him as various different superhero and whatnot, all for his devout followers to drop some dough on to help further line Trump’s deep and corrupt pockets.

The whole thing was just… Awkward, to say the very least.

But according to Trump’s own former personal attorney and self-described “fixer” Michael Cohen, there’s a whole lot more to unpack from this whole ordeal than the awkwardness and weirdness of Donald Trump dressed up as a cowboy on a digital trading card.

Cohen addressed the bizarre topic on his streaming broadcast for Boxing Day, where many of his listeners pelted him with questions over the ongoing sales of Trump’s digital trading cards.

Michael held absolutely nothing back on the matter.

“It’s an absolute scam,” Cohen fired off. “First of all, the funniest part of it is in his own words he turned around and — in his own words — I’m talking about Donald — he turned around and claimed that these are all depictions of his career and his life. Now, like I’ve said on television, I’ve known Donald for many, many years, for almost a decade and a half and I can assure you, he’s never been a cowboy. I don’t think Donald’s ever sat on a horse in his own life. He sure hasn’t been an astronaut. Nor — he’s never been a boxer! Never been a superhero! I mean, that’s the funny thing. Unless when he was a kid they got him in costume to go around his Queens neighborhood in order to pick up some candy. He’s not a superhero shooting lasers out of his eyes. This is, in his mind, how he sees himself in all these memorable type of roles, you know cowboys and astronauts and superheroes and whatnot.”

The former attorney went on to muse that it is “truly amazing” that anyone with half a brain could be brainwashed into believing “what Donald believes about himself.”

But the bizarreness of it all isn’t even the worst part. According to Cohen, Trump will likely end up embroiled in some legal troubles over the whole NFT ordeal — because apparently, all of the artwork used in the digital trading cards did not belong to him, and could very likely spell a lawsuit by the time the dust settles. Cohen says Trump’s use of the artwork for the trading cards was “illegal” and that ultimately supersedes any concerns or thoughts about the digital cards themselves.

You can see Cohen’s broadcast right here:

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