Trump’s Health Was Heavily Questioned After Photo Appeared To Show The Ex-President With Massive, Nasty Bruise On His Hand: “The Dude Is On Borrowed Time”

God, he is NOT in good shape.

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The state of Donald Trump’s mental and physical health has been a topic of serious concern for several years now — especially for the four long, tumultuous years that he served as the man behind the proverbial and literal “Big Red Button.” Trips to Walter Reed that were shrouded in secrecy, mysterious bruises and marks, and multiple public speaking events where he couldn’t seem to string a coherent thought together if his life depended on it were certainly evidence of a worse state of health than Donald Trump or his people were ever willing to let on.

But it seems being away from the stress and responsibility of the White House has done little to nothing to put the disgraced former president’s health back in line.

Over the last year+ that Trump has been out of his position of power, it’s seemed as though Donald’s health has continued to steadily decline. It was just a couple of weeks ago that we reported the ex-president was looking rather gaunt at his Mar-a-Lago home/resort, where he was captured in a photo looking rather gaunt and frail, with bandages on his hands and a mystery stain on his pants.

Now, it seems the new talk of Twitter is a new, mysterious, and extremely large purple bruise that appears to be taking up almost the entirety of the top of his left hand, in another new image that’s making its way around social media.

The picture was posted to Twitter today by popular user Ron Filipkowski, with the caption, “What is happening with his hand?”

Twitter users were quick to weigh in with their own thoughts:

Can we finally stop pretending this guy doesn’t have one foot in the grave?

Featured image via screen capture

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