Mike Lindell Reportedly Admitted That He’s Forking Out A Staggering $250k A Month For An Election Fraud Website And Plans To Employ Two Capitol Rioters To Run It For Him

He's got to run out of money at some point.

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an election conspiracy theorist, told The Daily Beast that he’s forking over a million dollars a month to support a host of groups and right-wing activists. According to the outlet, Lindell admits that he is shelling out a staggering $250,000 a month for a new election-conspiracy group, Cause of America, that is fronted by two women who attended the deadly Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. So, while some of the Capitol rioters have lost their jobs, Lindell employs two of them.

“The Jan. 6 experience of two of the group’s executives, Ashe Epp and Holly Kasun, also highlights how, a year after the insurrection, veterans of the “Stop the Steal” rallies and Capitol riot are now welcome not just to participate in the conservative movement’s election activism, but to lead it, as well,” the outlet reports.

‘”I am paying all the payroll for Cause of America,” Lindell told The Daily Beast. The Trump-aligned MyPillow honcho says he is still spending money at a roughly “million-a-month burn rate” to support an array of like-minded individuals and causes fueled by Trump’s “Big Lie,” ‘the report continues.” Though Lindell did not provide documentation for these claims, he said in an interview that he gave $1.1 million last month and $1.4 million in November.”

“Cause of America is our website. I wanted to form a go-to hub,” Lindell continued. “It’s an information hub, and it’s a communication hub. Anyone who wants to reach our network can reach us at Cause of America. Think of it as a library of evidence and information… There are groups in almost all of the 50 states that we’re working with, and Cause of America is just one way we all keep connected.”

“So far, however, it’s hard to tell where, exactly, that kind of money would have gone,” the report adds. “The group’s website hosts only links to election-related news, court documents from various lawsuits attempting to overturn the 2020 election, and a generic form where potential volunteers can “offer [their] expertise” or “connect” with Lindell’s outfit.”

It does not cost $250,000 a month to run a website. So, the pillow salesman is exaggerating, or someone is taking him for a ride.

You can read the full report here.

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