Millionaire Lara Trump Shared Her Tone Deaf Thoughts On Dollar Store Price Increase And We Couldn’t Make This Up If We Tried

No one believes this.

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Lara Trump served as a senior adviser to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, and she might be a sociopath. I’m not a psychiatrist, but girlfriend has some problems. She did marry Eric Trump, so that tells you a lot right there. Eric, according to Forbes, is probably worth about $25 million, so his wife wants to weigh in on the Dollar Tree’s price hike from $1.00 to $1.25 due to the franchise having supply issues.

And Lara thinks she knows a lot about inflation. For example, she claimed last week that the rising cost of the Thanksgiving turkey is part of a liberal plot to “chip away” at American traditions. She found us out, y’all. We are so busted. Republicans are trying to tie President Joe Biden to inflation, but it’s a global problem. It’s not just happening here in the United States.

“Well, I know as every other parent as I’m always looking for what I can get my kids that will keep them occupied for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. We are all out on the hunt for that, and certainly when it comes to any sort of decorations, yes the Dollar Tree is a favorite of so many parents all across America,” the former president’s millionaire daughter-in-law said on Fox News.

“But I guess you’re right,” she continued. “I guess Joe Biden can add this to his very impressive resume thus far as president, with the disastrous exit from Afghanistan, an open southern border, inflation through the roof, gas prices going higher every single day, embarrassments on the world stage.”

“Yes, maybe we can add that he took down the Dollar Tree, and I know personally a lot of New Yorkers who are very upset if that dollar slice pizza goes away,” Lara Trump, the owner of multiple homes in wealthy areas, said. “They are going to lose it, so I don’t know this is going to be an interesting sight to see going on in New York City and all across America.”


First of all, the economy is booming. As for the exit from Afghanistan, Lara’s father-in-law set that in motion. The border isn’t open. Presidents have nothing to do with gas prices. And President Biden hasn’t embarrassed us on the world stage. That’s not even a good try. World leaders laughed at Donald Trump. It’s always a case of projection with this family. And no one believes that Lara Trump is always looking for inexpensive items for her children. I realize that she wants to come off as relatable since she is floating a possible Senate run in North Carolina, but she is not relatable. She is insufferable.

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