Mitch McConnell Responds To Photograph That Appears To Show Disturbing Bruises On His Face And Hands

What is going on here?!

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Perhaps you missed it amid all the muck and mire that’s currently going on in this nation with the election mere days away, the debates, and a president that’s only recently recovered from a potentially deadly virus — but something is up with Senator Mitch McConnell.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press published images of the Senate Majority Leader with what appeared to be pretty severe bruises and damage on his hands and face, as well as bandages on his hands. Unsurprisingly, it’s led Americans to wonder and speculate as to what’s going on with one of Donald Trump’s biggest sycophants.

At this point, there’s truly no telling. The virus has recently run rampant among the President’s closest allies, making people seriously suspicious as to whether Mitch was one of the unlucky ones to come down with it and just didn’t tell anyone, not to mention, the guy is up there in age. However, McConnell made it clear today that if there is something going on with his health, he won’t be making us privy to that information.


CNN confronted the Senator over the photos and speculations about his health, and Mitch’s response was as plain as boiled oatmeal. Asked whether he had any health concerns or troubles, the 78-year-old Senate Majority Leader said he has “no problems.” Saying, “Of course not.”

CNN reports that the Kentucky Senator “did not respond when asked if he was being treated by a doctor. An aide to McConnell also declined to provide any additional details when asked multiple times about the majority leader’s health.”

Earlier this month, the Courier-Journal reported that Mitch McConnell “refused to say whether he had recently been tested” for COVID-19.

The Senator stated:

Have I ever been tested? Yes. But I’m not going to answer questions about when.”

Social media is full of thoughts and questions on the situation:

I guess he’s too concerned with blocking COVID relief to Americans to fork over any info on his nasty looking hands.

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