Mitch McConnell’s Own Family Appeared To Turn Against Him

Someone get Mitch some tissues. He's gonna need them.

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The Republican party has taken a turn for the worse since Donald Trump has taken over and begun his reign of terror over the United Stated. While it’s true that the Republican party has never been one of equality, acceptance, and diversity, they haven’t always been the completely disgraceful shitstorm that they have become under 45.

In the last nearly three years, several notable GOP members have turned their back on their party as it’s simply no longer what it used to be, with some claiming that it’s turned into the “party of Donald Trump.”

But evidently, the disparaging of the Republican party is hitting a lot closer to home when it comes to some of Trump’s staunchest sycophantic followers.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who will apparently be defending the likes of Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh until his dying breath (which, frankly, can’t come soon enough at this point) found himself rather humiliated this year when his own family turned their backs on him and publicly spoke out against the entire Grand Old Party.

After the confirmation of serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, McConnell’s own daughter, Porter, who has distanced herself from her father Mitch by pointing out on her profile that her views are her own, took to her Twitter account to speak out against the Republican party and call them out on their “misogyny.”

“Irony is dead: Moments after Trump discussed the importance of due process vis-á-vis Kavanaugh, emphasizing that people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the crowd in Mississippi chanted ‘lock her up’ about Hillary Clinton,” Porter wrote in a tweet, followed by, “That ain’t irony, it’s misogyny.”

McConnell’s daughter, who is the Take On Wall Street campaign director at DC-based non-profit group Americans for Financial Reform, also retweeted posts from as well as called Kavanaugh out directly to shine a light on the allegations against him.

“What high schooler schedules a kegger, or pencils in an assault?’” Porter questioned in a tweet.

And as it turns out, Mitch’s daughter isn’t the only one that’s ashamed of his behavior, as one of McConnell’s sons-in-law, Richard Jerram who is married to his daughter Claire very publicly accused the Supreme Court Justice of perjury on his Facebook.

McConnell is clearly running out of a support system. One he’s really going to need once his ass is voted out.

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