Pence Kicks Off Trump’s Rally By Seemingly Blowing A Hole In POTUS’ “Imminent Threat” Excuse For Iran Attack

They've been lying through their teeth this entire time.

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As we’re all painfully aware at this point, Trump recently opened a can of worms that not a single soul in his administration was prepared for when he launched an airstrike on a traveling convoy near a Baghdad airport that resulted in the death of several key Iranian figures as well as Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani — which then resulted in a retaliation missile strike from Iran on a US military base in Iraq.

Frankly, we all know the real reason Trump did what he did — November is creeping closer and closer, he’s already found himself with more in common with Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton than he cares for, and he desperately needed folks to stop paying attention to that steam-rolling impeachment and hopefully pull off something just crazy enough to lock in the next election for himself since his attempt at getting Ukraine to do it for him effectively blew up in his face.

But to this day, American citizens and members of Congress alike (who weren’t even notified about the original airstrike before Trump pulled the trigger) still don’t know why Trump did it — at least not in the form of an acceptable justification for the leader of the nation.

Trump and members of his administration continue to declare that they had solid intelligence indicating an “imminent threat” at the hands of Soleimani, which served as the reasoning for Trump’s decision to have the Quds Force leader assassinated.

However, neither Trump nor a single member of his team has yet to actually reveal what that was. In fact, in the wake of his public address to the nation yesterday, White House officials held a briefing with members of Congress on the Iran attack, of which multiple Congressmembers came out more perplexed and disturbed than they were when they went in — the people still couldn’t produce any form of a legitimate justification for what Trump has done.

It appeared as though the whole slew of them intended to just stick to the “imminent threat” excuse and leave it at that. No doubt with the hopes that people would eventually just shut up and stop asking.

That is until Mike Pence hauled his ass on stage tonight.

Trump his holding his first MAGA rally of the new year tonight in Toledo, Ohio and within the first few moments of the shindig, Trump’s right-hand man and VP took the stage and blew a big, fat hole in his boss’s “imminent threat” defense.

“When one American life was lost at the hands of Iranian-backed militias just a few short weeks ago, President Trump launched the first airstrikes against Iranian militias in ten years,” Pence declared from the podium to a rambunctious round of applause from a stadium full of people who don’t know Iran from Iraq or their assholes from their elbows.

All the folks having themselves a good ol’ time at Trump’s rally didn’t seem to grasp the fact that VP Pence essentially just stood in front of them and America and all but declared the president of this nation a damn liar.

If Donald’s decision to launch the airstrike was, in fact, based on one single, solitary American death then his “imminent threat” defense just went swirling down the shitter. And it didn’t even take 10-15 flushes.

You can watch the clip here:

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