MSNBC Anchor Appears To Go After Pence For “Deliberate Lie” He Told Accusing Iran Of 9/11 Attacks

They've got no time for his bull.

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s split-second airstrike in which he assassinated Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani along with other senior Iranian-linked figures, Donald right-hand man and Vice President Mike Pence hopped on Twitter in an attempt to do a little damage control for the president.

In his tweet, Pence tried to pin the blame of the tragic 9/11 attacks on the country of Iran — despite the fact that we all know damn well what a steaming crock of shit that is. But the Trump administration doesn’t want to talk about the Saudis, do they?

As a result of Pence’s blatant falsehoods on social media, Trump’s VP found himself positively burnt to the ground during a segment on MSNBC.

“First Look” host Ayman Mohyeldin joined “AM Joy” host Joy Reid and described Pence’s bullshit move as a “low point in American politics” — launching into an all-out attack against the VP.

In regard to Trump’s assassination decision and Pence’s subsequent social media post, Reid stated, “It alarms me when you start to hear people in this administration try to use 9/11 as a way to drag this country toward what a lot of people associated with Trump want anyway.”

“I think, first of all, it is a low point in American politics when you’re exploiting 9/11 to achieve a policy objective that is totally manipulated,” Mohyeldin responded. “And let’s be very clear, Mike Pence’s tweet is factually wrong. Whether he did that unintentionally, I can’t imagine that the vice president sends out a tweet without five or six people around him debating, ‘hey, is this a smart decision or not,’ and doing it.”

The MSNBC anchor took a moment to point out that in addition to being blatantly wrong about the source of the attacks, Pence also lied about the number of hijackers involved — claiming that there were only 12 as opposed to the true number, 19.

“Our allies, like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, were exploited for 9/11 by the hijackers, so, too, was Iran,” he continued. “To come around now and try to say Iran was somehow complicit in 9/11 is the same as saying that the United Arab Emirates government or the Saudi Arabian government are also complicit in 9/11, which this administration has categorically rejected.”

“So my issue with the Pence tweet is that it is a deliberate misleading, a misstating of the facts, a possible deliberate lie to lead Americans to believe once again that American military actions in the Middle East are justified,” Mohyeldin stated. “It’s clearly distressing to think that we haven’t learned the lessons of 2003. When politicians stand up and lie to the American public about weapons of mass destruction, lie to us about intelligence, then come out and carry out an attack in a sovereign nation and turn around, say there’s an imminent attack, provide no evidence, no intelligence, and expect us all to believe it.”

And by the way, Pence knows he’s full of shit too:

You can watch the clip here:

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