MSNBC Anchor Ends Interview After Trump Spokesman Refuses To Answer Question Six Times On POTUS’ Test Results

This didn't go down well.

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MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson just had it when she asked White House deputy press secretary Brian Morgenstern a simple but important question at least six times — without it being answered. Various people are questioning when Donald Trump last tested, and actually when he first learned that he had contracted the coronavirus. But, this administration has been evasive, thus piquing the public’s interest. For example, did Trump know he was positive when he debated Democratic nominee Joe Biden? Because that would be borderline criminal.

Morgenstern, too, also failed to reveal when Trump’s last negative coronavirus test was, and he was repeatedly asked about that. Meaning, Trump could still be yielding positive results while planning to hold another rally.

Instead, the White House spokesman cited Trump’s “privacy” then claimed, “the president doesn’t check all of his HIPAA rights at the door just when he becomes president.”

Jackson wasn’t having it, though.

You just said a couple of minutes ago,” Jackson shot back, “that you would share the results of this PCR test today if you get it and if that happens so what’s the difference, why not be more transparent with people about this last negative test you know there is a public health reason for this. And it impacts the people who were potentially exposed to the virus before the President was diagnosed, why not be transparent about that specific very specific piece of information?”

Morgenstern then falsely insisted that Trump was “socially distant,” and Jackson interjected, “Brian! We have video! That’s not true. We’ve seen video.”

After Morgenstern continued to refuse to answer the question, Jackson ended the interview.

“Nope. All right, Brian, thank you very much,” she said. “Critical piece of information: one of your colleagues just yesterday told me that it was a fair question that you would try to give us the information on that was hoping that you’d have that for us today. I certainly hope that you’ll come back with that. Brian Morgenstern, it’s great to have you on the show. Thank you very much. Over to Capitol Hill now.”


This is absolutely not going to help Trump’s case while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brings the 25th Amendment into play. Americans have a right to know how much the president is spreading the disease that’s gripping our country. It’s frightening enough that the president of the United States is a super-spreader, but we need to know the extent of it.

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