MTG Got Heckled While Visiting Jailed J6 “Political Prisoners,” Awkwardly Called Demonstrators “Paid Protesters” Who “Work For Evil”

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Highly controversial House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got pretty brutally heckled this week outside of a Washington, D.C. jail, where she had proudly gone to visit individuals who have been jailed as a result of their involvement in the brutal, deadly January 6th, 2021, attack at the US Capitol building, in an effort to stop the certification of Donald Trump’s humiliating 2020 election loss.

But don’t worry, guys. Marjorie awkwardly told everyone she doesn’t even care about the people heckling and protesting her because those people “work for evil” — whatever in the Hell that means.

Greene was at the D.C. jail to protest what she described as “human rights violations” against the people she called “political prisoners,” who were personally involved in the heinous insurrection and attack at the Capitol that quite literally put the whole of Congress and the United States Vice President in direct grave danger. Apparently, Marjorie, along with a few other fringe, Right-wing members of Congress, don’t believe that any of the individuals who quite literally broke into, attacked, and destroyed the nation’s Capitol building and threatened the lives of her own fellow congresspeople shouldn’t be in jail at all, but rather, on the streets to do it all over again, given the opportunity.

As she went to leave the D.C. jail, Greene stopped and addressed reporters as protesters could be heard brutally heckling her in the background.

“As you can see there’s paid protesters here today,” Marge awkwardly said as a barrage of whistles and yells go on in the background, nearly drowning her out. “And they can whistle and say everything they want but we will not be deterred. We do not care about them because they work for evil.”

This isn’t the first time Marjorie has made a spectacle out of visiting J6 inmates. She paid a visit to the same jail back in November of 2021 with TX Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, where she had a rather awkward and embarrassing run-in with the joint’s warden.

Watch the clip here:

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