MTG Was Caught On Video Getting Put In Her Place By Jail Warden When She Demanded Entry To Visit J6 Inmates

They were having exactly none of her nonsense.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene took the time to remind us all what a complete ass she really and truly is here recently, when we were graced with video footage of her demanding to be let into a prison that’s currently holding individuals who were arrested over their participation in the January 6th Capitol riot.

The Georgia GOP Congresswoman herself shared a video footage clip of the confrontation to her Twitter page, writing:

Today @replouiegohmert and myself were denied entry to visit Louie’s constituent & conduct oversight at the DC jail. I’m extremely concerned about the treatment of J6 defendants & now ALL inmates being held there.”

She finished out the tweet with a call to action to her followers, telling them to call the jail in question and “demand oversight and transparency,” complete with the institution’s phone number.

I’m sure Greene was enormously proud of herself over this little show of immaturity and entitlement. I mean, she posted it to Twitter herself for God’s sake. But, in all actuality, the clip isn’t nearly as flattering of the hair-brained Republican senator as I’m sure she thinks it is — because the jail warden she was interacting with was taking precisely zero of her shit.

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that the warden of the DC jail that Greene and Gohmert were demanding entry to was not the slightest bit intimidated by or concerned with the couple of GOP stooges that were in their face.

In fact, the official was so dismissive of Greene’s screeching and whining that it honestly gives me some secondhand embarrassment.

Social media users were quick to call out Greene’s childishness:

Girl, I don’t know who you think you are, but you don’t have the authority that you think you do. No one gives a rat’s behind what you think or say, Marje.

Featured image via screen capture

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