MTG Was Spotted On Video Getting Brutally Trolled By A Passenger At A GA Airport And She Looked Super Embarrassed

It seemed like Marje didn't like that much.

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If there’s anyone on the face of the earth that’s just WAY too easy to troll, it’s the GOP’s biggest embarrassment, Marjorie Taylor Greene. I mean, listen, we’re not condoning harassment or even immaturity, but when such a golden opportunity presents itself, we’re certainly huge proponents of graciously taking what the universe has to offer.

Two passengers who were waiting at a Georgia airport did just that when they happened to stumble upon none other than GOP House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

A TikTok video shared to the platform by user eva_baker (and made its way to Twitter as well) appears to show Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene waiting at the baggage claim at what the video poster said was the Atlanta Airport in Georgia. Based on the video footage, there were two girls behind the camera as they spoke well within earshot of the GOP’s biggest conspiracy theorist.

One of the girls behind the camera says she’s from Georgia and the other quickly agrees that she is as well before one of them states, “I just love voting in Georgia for Democrats. That we don’t have to get the nasty COVID spread to us.”

One of the girls behind the camera goes on to say, “I’m a socialist,” to which the other replies, “That’s good.”

Allow me to note here that neither of the girls behind the camera approached or even directly spoke to Greene. But nevertheless, it seemed crystal clear that the unhinged GOP House Rep. heard every word they said, and let’s just say, she did not look comfortable.

See for yourself:

Throughout the entire conversation that the GOP Congresswoman was obviously meant to hear, Greene can be seen shifting around uncomfortably, occasionally messing with her hair in that awkward way one does when they’re clearly uncomfortable and don’t know what to say.

What’s the matter, Marje? You’re always so damn mouthy when you have the upper hand. Not feeling so confident in a crowded airport full of your own constituents?


Featured image via screen capture 

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