Expert Sources Said Melania “Hated” D.C., May Not Return To The WH As She’s “Distancing Herself” From Her Husband’s Mess

She truly wants nothing to do with this dumpster fire.

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With scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump positioned as the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, amid his countless criminal trials, cases, investigations, and his newly received felony rap sheet, expert sources who have long been closely following the ex-president’s wife, Melania Trump, are now speaking out to note that the former first lady “hated” her time in Washington during her husband’s first term and likely won’t be spending much time in the White House with him, should he make a successful comeback, as she’s “distancing herself” from his entire dumpster fire of scandals and legal woes.

Melania certainly wasn’t an overly active participant in her husband’s first presidential term. In fact, she was so reclusive that speculations were nearly constantly swirling regarding where the then-First Lady even lived — with many wondering if she actually resided in the White House with her husband, or if she was living in the suburbs with her parents and only showing up with Donald when it was absolutely necessary.

As we face the very real possibility of a second Trump term, with the 2024 election just around the corner now, Axios spoke with several expert sources on the former First Lady, all of whom speculated that they expect Melania to spend a possible second term splitting her time between Palm Beach, where she lives now, and New York, where her only son is rumored to soon be attending NYU.

Kate Anderson Brewer, who’s authored many books on the White House and past United States First Ladies, said that Melania is ” distancing herself even more from her husband and from the Washington social-political scene.”

“I mean, she clearly hated being in Washington, Brewer told Axios. 

Mary Jordan, who also authored a book about Melania Trump and serves as an associate editor with the Washington Post said that Trump’s wife views the role of First Lady as an “unelected, not paid” position. In her opinion, if Donald is re-elected to the presidency, Melania will likely only show up to the White House for ceremonial events such as state dinners, where her absence would certainly raise red flags.

“Melania does what Melania wants,” Jordan pointedly noted.

Ever since Donald formally launched his 2024 presidential campaign, he and his campaign officials have been publicly promising that Melania would be far more involved in the campaign trail. Yet, here we are, with just a few short months left until the election is upon us, and it seems that Melania is only being spotted less and less by her husband’s side.

Donald’s wife has made precisely zero appearances on his behalf and boasts the same number of specific plans regarding her role in his presidential campaign, as the weeks quickly dwindle away.

Back in March, the former president was confronted about Melania’s involvement, or lack thereof, in his campaign, and was specifically questioned as to when she would be hitting the campaign trail on his behalf.

All Donald had to say on the matter was a vague, “Stay tuned.”

You can read the full report from Axios here.

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